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30.07.2015 (2:10 pm) – Filed under: camp

Once again Cosmo is letting us use his home for a staging area for our stuff!

In order to respect his space and his generosity I would like for anyone who plans to put things on the truck to please heed this:

1) Please leave things for the truck at Cosmo’s house in the middle yard on the concrete (past the gate). We can’t stage things on the driveway until we are actually loading the truck.
2) You can bring things to Cosmo’s house starting now, but please keep his walkway from the gate to his front door clear.
3) Use sturdy boxes and label them with your name. A stripe of white duct tape is useful for marking stuff but make sure the label isn’t peeling off before it even gets on the truck! No styrofoam, and try to have nothing loose. You can get awesome heavy-duty storage containers at various big box stores.
4) We are going to rendezvous at Cosmo’s at =3PM= and then caravan the empty truck to our storage unit on the East side of El Segundo to load in the large camp gear. Whoever wants to join us can come along: the more people that help, the faster it goes!
5) Then we’ll return to Cosmo’s and load up the rest of the truck from about 5PM to 8PM with everyone’s camping stuff.
6) Bike’s are packed last*. They form a nice tangled briar on top of everyone’s stuff. If you have a lock for your bike please leave the keys or combos with us so we can move your bike easily.
Pro Tip: Label your bike with your name and your camp address (4:15 and B) so that if you leave your bike anywhere it can make its way back to you!
7) (*then we slot in the water and final bits along the doors and rear gate)
8) Then we will recreate The Last Supper at Veggie Grill.

The truck drives away on Monday morning, so Sunday August 23rd is your last* chance to get stuff on the truck.

*Unless we get carjacked by Traycee again!

We will arrive on the playa Wednesday evening before the burn. Everyone’s stuff will be gathered together under a tarp, ready for pick-up.

We leave the playa on Tuesday, to arrive back at Cosmo’s house on Wednesday, September 9th, for an appoximately 6PM LOAD OUT.

Please try to help with the loading and unloading, and make sure to pick up your things from Cosmo’s house by the following weekend… before the cobra eggs hatch. Baby cobras may seem cute, but /watch out!/

The truck is made possible with generous donations from camp. There is no cost for putting things on it, but it adds up to more than $3000 so if you would like to send along some cash with your stuff then please feel “free”! Your money goes toward the rental and the gas, the storage of the Sensatron, gasoline and cooking gas, camp storage, shade, improvements and purchases. If you would like to put cash in the bucket or send a PayPal gift to then it will help us coordinate the possible purchase (or rental) of more scaffolding and other improvements and amentities for the camp!

Thank you!

Cosmo’s House:
512 Sheldon St, El Segundo, CA 90245

Storage Unit:
There’s no official “address” that I know of, but if you aren’t following us then navigate to the corner of Douglas St. & Alaska, in El Segundo. There’s a stop sign there, and the entrance is about 30 feet SW from there, drive deep into a parking lot past the buildings all the way across the train tracks and under the overhead metro train to the chain link fence gate where the RVs are. Our storage container is through the gate to the left.
Hopefully we’ll caravan so you’ll know where to go, but if we get separated and you can’t find us, just text my iPhone: 310 486 1686
There’s a security code on the gate, so we’ll buzz you in. Normally I would just let “you” know, but I want to respect the privacy of all the other kooks that keep their stuff there.

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