Post Nuclear Family – This is the reunion site for the Post Nuclear Family. Mutants are welcome.

From the Burning Man website:

Part of the beauty of the Playa is its emptiness. Except for tire tracks and footprints, our policy is to leave the desert as the profoundly barren and empty corner of the world that it is. All Black Rock City citizens are expected to participate in our clean-up effort.

The Burning Man event has always asked participants to Pack-it-In/Pack-it-out. This is not a convenience society. There is no daily garbage pick up, and there never, ever will be. It’s about radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. We are a society of activists — we leave no trace. No trash receptacles or bins will be provided. Burning Man will provide only portable toilets which will be emptied on a regular basis.

MOOP is Matter Out Of Place and it is garbage*!

*Except some MOOP is awesommmmmme!  Contrary to the Mouth of BMOrg: MOOP is not garbage, but some is pretty fuckin’ disgustin’.  We’ve found all sorts of things in the dust!  Help us keep the playa beautiful and pick up after EVERYONE (not just yourself!) because we’re all of us!


  • Before: Let’s remove extraneous packaging on food, camping gear, etc., stay away from styrofoam in all forms because of those tiny balls, use aluminum where possible, make costumes that are MOOPless (no feathers, no glitter, no loose bits) and we have a recycling bin for cans.
  • During: Pick up MOOP as we go, collecting it from riders or from the playa, and we always chase feathers and MOOP throughout the week like conscientious fools.
  • After: We drop off the solidsfluids, and gasses on a spaceship filled with alien anthrologists who want to understand our culture for peaceful reasons. We are careful not to give them military secrets.