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~Gray Water~

29.07.2015 (11:59 am) – Filed under: camp

Everyone is responsible for bringing their gross gray water off the playa…

We recommend you bring a gallon jug and a funnel to collect your gray water and pour it out at home.  (Per BMOrg: Do not pour it in the Port-a-Potties!)

Use water only enough to clean your pots and pans and collect it in your own jugs. Do not pour bacon grease on the playa. Do not spit your toothpaste on the playa. Be mindful of your water usage. I would recommend licking enough from your plates that you only need enough water to wipe away the slimy residue of your soap. 

For those of you that are carpooling and cannot take your gray water home, please coordinate with me and we’ll get your jugs on the truck (no problem!).
Let’s keep the drained shower water soapy and pure and not stinky and ew.

Bender’s Pro Tip: Spit your toothpaste and your dish water into your trash.  It will dry pretty quickly and get absorbed into whatever paper you have in there.

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