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29.07.2015 (12:17 am) – Filed under: camp

The Opposable Brain Squad is once again rising to the occassion with a shower at camp this year!

The shower is not a camp amenity, it’s a gift to all of us from Rodin and Zach (and any others who would like to contribute some effort and time).

In order for it to work with our large group there are some ground rules that will help it flOw:

Bring Your Own Shower Water! Leave the shower empty when you’re done. That might seem counterintuitive to paying it forward but draining the shower becomes expensive throughout the week and the process is a lot smoother if you just fill it before using it and then walk away clean.

Please leave the shower area clean. You may want to use a shower bucket that contains all your soaps and such so that we can leave the shower how we found it: sparkling clean. NOTE: No gray water in the shower! Only soapy water that has been rinsed off your body. Even pouring in just a little gray water can become a bacterial problem.

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